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SpongeBob online coloring pages

SpongeBob SquarePants is one of the greatest animated television shows. It was created by animator and artist Stephen Hillenburg and it’s now broadcast around the world. The star is a character who is a sea sponge, but more closely resembles a kitchen sponge. SpongeBob lives under the sea in a pineapple in the city of Bikini Bottom, his best friend Patrick Star (starfish) lives under a rock, other neighbor Squidward Tentacles (octopus) lives in a moai. Another friend of Spongebob Sandy Cheeks is a squirrel that lives in an underwater dome. She is from Texas, speaks with a Texan accent and she is an expert at karate. Bikini Bottom is a city with a downtown, coastal areas, bus system, own airport, suburbs and is located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. In the center, the citizens live and work in large buildings made of metal. Instead of cars all residents drive boats – boatmobiles. SpongeBob is still in boating school after failing the driving test over seventy-two times.