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Pokemon Pachirisu online coloring

Pachirisu are squirrel-like Pokemon. Their fur is white with a faint blueish tint and have a light blue stripe which starts from their forehead and goes all the way down to the tip of the tail. A large white tooth grows out of their mouth. Their cheeks and eyes are similar to that of a Pikachu, but the cheeks are yellow instead of red. Pachirisu have tails that are almost twice as big as they are, with three spikes at the top of the curl. Their arms and legs are very short. Still, they can run incredibly fast. Ability: run away – except for trainer battles, can always run from battle. Cannot run during Mean Look or Block or when the opponent is trapping with the Arena trap, Magnet pull, or Shadow tag ability. Pickup: Has a 10% chance of finding and holding an item after battle.