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Care Bears online coloring page

The Care Bears appeared in television series in 1985. Each bear comes in a different color and has a specialized insignia on its belly that represents its personality, known as their “belly badges”. The ten original are Bedtime Bear, Birthday, Friend, Cheer, Grumpy, Funshine, Good Luck, Love-A-Lot, Tenderheart and Wish Bear. Later on, additional bears joined them, as well as the Cousins. The Care Bears and Cousins are from a magical place called the Kingdom of Caring. Care-a-Lot is the home of the Care Bears, the cousins are from the Forest of Feelings. The ultimate weapon is in which the collected Bears stand together and radiate light (another variation forms a rainbow) from their tummy symbols. Caring meter shows how much caring there is in Care-A-Lot. The meter is shown with a raincloud side and a rainbow side. If the meter drop near zero, Care-A-Lot will suffer disasters or the bright colors turning into black and white.